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The Minimem tool is really intuitive and simple to use so we do not provide any help per se. Should you have specific questions however, please do contact us via our Contact/Support  page.

Here are nevertheless a few tips to better use the application:

  • Minimem remembers all of your settings; it is hence recommended to define once your processes to optimize and memory reduction period if you'd like to not use the default one, and then set Minimem to auto-start with your system. Its use will then become transparent to you and it will just do its job silently.
  • Applications that are best to optimize for memory are typically office applications, typically word processors, and web browsers. On that last front Minimem has been tested to be extremely efficient with Firefox, the application it was originally designed for.
  • Minimem does not replace your task manager and you should use this task manager if you'd like to analyse how much memory your various processes take; just press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open it or, even simpler, click on the corresponding button in the Minimem toolbar.
  • You do want to use your memory to its full potential, not just save on it, so I recommend you use the new option to not opimize anything if your memory usage is not that high.
  • Some applications may be slowed down a bit when optimized and I hence recommend using the option to not optimize the process that owns the foreground window, i.e. in all likelihood the program you are currently using. In some cases this option may not be good to use though, e.g. when using Firefox with lots of opened windows and for a long time.
  • When selecting a process name to be optimized, Minimem will optimize all processes with the same name; this is actually quite handy for applications like Google Chrome which use one process per open tab on top of the main process.
  • The Minimem tray icon will change color when the engine starts. It will then be red if you have no more memory, green if you have plenty, and in-between, with a gradual color, most of the time; this gives you a nice, visual indication of your situation at all times. Hovering the mouse over the icon will give you more detailed information.

If you are looking for a portable version of Minimem to e.g. run off an external drive, then just use the files the installer will place in the install folder (called minimem): this .exe does not rely on anything from the installer other than the engine DLL so this will work just fine.

Installation instructions: just launch the installer after you saved it on disk or launch directly from the link. The install process is straighforward and you can launch Minimem from the Windows Start menu once done with the installation.

And a last note: Minimem is a freeware, i.e. is free to use for any personal purpose; a more complete license agreement is available from the installer. If you'd like to use it for a professional purpose, this can certainly be arranged though is not provisionned for in our default license terms so please do contact us in such case.

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