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Signo supports all Windows versions since Windows 2000. For help or support please contact us via our Contact/Support  page.

Click below to download the Signo installer. Also note Signo requires the version 2.0 of the .NET framework to be installed on your computer (automatic with all Windows flavours since Windows XP; has to be done by you for older versions). 

Signo (version 1.5): Signo1.5.msi

Signo (version 1.4): Signo1.4.msi .

Release history and information can be found here .

IIf you are looking for a portable version of Signo to e.g. run off an external drive, then just use the signo.exe file the installer will place in the install folder (called signo), alongside other files in this folder: this .exe does not rely on anything else from the installer so this should work just fine. You can also co-locate a signo.exe.config file in case you'd like to modify the default parameters.

Installation instructions: just launch the installer after you saved it on disk or launch directly from the link. The install process is straighforward and you can launch Signo from the Windows Start menu once done with the installation..



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