WinFi Description

WinFi is your new WiFi network manager for Windows. As Windows 8 removed abilities to manage network profiles and perform various actions such as forgetting networks, changing their priorities, etc., WinFi was built to bring you all you need within one handy, complete, nice-looking utility that will not only save you lots of time but also help you solve connection issues and optimize your WiFi experience.

Winfi was built initially because abilities to manage profiles and forget networks were removed from Windows 8.1. Alternatives involve using the netsh command line utility which is cumbersome for most users. So we built this tool in order to make this easier.

Further to this we realized that many users have WiFi connection issues with Windows 8.1 and we intend to offer auto-solve features within WinFi. Finally we also intend to add a WiFi scanner capability to WinFi and allow the tool to manage your live connections and share them within your computers

WinFi is currently under development but we are happy to offer you a stable beta version which we will keep growing and improve over time. Your feebdack will be most welcome!

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