Chessie Help

Chessie is so intuitive that you should not read this page more than once...

To use it, just click on new game unless you launch it for the first time, select your level, adjust the clock if you want, and choose your color. You can then play by clicking the piece you wish to move and then clicking the square you want to move it to.

Chessie remembers your last game upon exit so you don't need to ever save or open games explicitly unless you want to save them somewhere special and play multiple games in parallel.

And an important note for parents and players: all games played with Chessie are autosaved under your roaming application data folder, e.g. "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\chessie" on Windows 7, in an xml format that can be opened and read in any text editor. This allows you easily analyzing your games afterwards if you'd like.

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